The Phenix Industrial Consortium

For-profit groups can obtain access to Phenix through a Consortium agreement. This provides a license to use Phenix and research funds to develop new features in Phenix tailored to the needs of commercial users.

Participation in the Phenix Industrial Consortium helps us to extend the capabilities of the software beyond those currently funded by NIH. Details of what is being implemented in PHenix under NIH support can be found here. The Industrial Consortium will be funding other projects focused on functionalities that industrial users find important. These projects currently include tools to improve the automation of ligand generation/fitting, integration with graphical visualization programs, and the development of high-throughput structure determination pipelines.

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Contact information

For details about participating in the Phenix Industrial Consortium or if you are interested in trying Phenix out with an evaluation license please contact the Intellectual Property Office:

Intellectual Property Office,
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory,
1 Cyclotron Road,
BLDG 56AR0120,
Berkeley, CA 94720, USA.
Phone: (510)-486-6461
FAX: (510)-486-6457

Consortium members

The Phenix Industrial Consortium has over 40 members, including large Pharmaceutics, Biotech and Start up companies. They are using Phenix to help in the development of therapeutics for many human illnesses.